About Me


I have been a videographer in Sandpoint Idaho for a 2 years.  I believe that I offer extraordinary results for a reasonable cost.

That said, I will never sell work to anyone that is not happy with the result.  If I do a video for you and you don’t like it, I will continue working on it until you’re satisfied.  If I decide that more work will not result in something you’re going to be happy with, I will give you all the raw video and edited work for FREE.

So one may wonder what would stop someone happy with the video to say they weren’t to get the work for free?  The answer is each individual’s sense of right and wrong.  I believe the vast majority of people are honest and honorable.  My goal is to ensure that no person ever pays for my product when it does not meet or exceed their expectations. I believe this philosophy will serve me well in the future.

I have done several types of videos including short documentary type promotional shorts for local non-profits, local business commercials, dance recitals, variety shows, weddings, memorial services and local musician promos.

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CONTACT ME at 208-304-7709 or Robwakeley@gmail.com  -or-